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Junior golf


As a PGA Professional and a person who loves the game of golf as much as I do, I sincerely value today's junior golfer. My goal with kids in golf is to captivate, motivate and encourage them to play golf and have fun doing so. Kids are the next generation of golfers and I believe in starting them on a lifelong journey of fun and enjoyment through golf at an early age. I am proud to say that I still keep in touch with my first golf instructor and great friend Michael B. Healy, PGA.

As an official U.S. Kids Golf Certified Instructor and Positive Coaching Alliance Certified Coach since 2012, I am dedicated to being a positive influence and helping kids have fun learning the game of golf. I teach kids that it is okay to make mistakes as they are a natural part of the learning process. Mistakes can help in our improvement process. Contact me today to have your kids asking you to take them to the golf course tomorrow!

I am extremely proud to say I have been awarded Top 50 Kids Coaches status worldwide by U.S. Kids Golf for 2021 and 2022! A big thank you to all my junior students and to U.S. Kids Golf!


PGA Junior League Golf

$450 per junior

Season Fee Includes:

Home & Away Team Jerseys, Jr. League Hat, Bag Tag, 

6 Skill Developing Group Practices

1 Home Practice Intersquad Practice Match

5-6 Interclub Junior Matches

The PGA Junior League is by far my favorite program of the year!  Seeing our team develop and gel together in just a few short months every year is something I am extremely proud of.  Kids are able to learn to play golf on the course in a low pressure scramble format competition.  They do not have to worry about a bad shot here or there because they have teammates to pick them up.  Don't miss out on this fantastic way to introduce your child to the game of golf!

u.s. kids player pathway program

Utilizing the U.S. Kids Player Pathway certification program I am able to develop junior golfers skills and motivate them to progress even faster than before. With both skill and knowledge tests in each level, basic fundamentals, rules, and etiquette are learned to ensure our junior players not only know how to hit shots, but how to act like a golfer. Contact me today and inquire about this fantastic program!

Successful completion of tests in each skill area of each level will result in a junior golfer being awarded a pin to proudly display on their golf bag, hat or towel. After all areas within a level are completed junior receive a Mastered Level Pin as they advance to the next level.

Nicklaus Junior Camp Picture 2021.jpg

junior masters golf camps

Junior Masters Golf Camps are a fun and enjoyable way for kids to enhance their skill levels, meet other junior golfers, and learn to play golf. Our instructors have attended countless seminars and attained numerous junior golf certifications. We are extremely experienced in enhancing golf skills and will create enthusiasm and excitement for your kids in golf for years to come. Contact me today for the latest information on Fieldstone Junior Golf Camps. Our programs are open to both member and non-member junior golfers. 

Sign up for one of our world-class junior programs today!


Philadelphia PGA junior golf tour

Many of my current and former students have participated in the Philadelphia PGA Junior Golf Tour. Quite possibly one of the best junior golf tours in the area, this Tour consistently grooms and prepares junior golfers for high school and collegiate competition. Gain some much-needed tournament experience, meet other local junior golfers, and play some of the finest Philadelphia area golf courses in the process. With a full tournament schedule, it should not be hard to find an event near you throughout the golf season.

Philadelphia pga junior tour college series

Junior Golf and competitive playing opportunities often dwindle when a player graduates from high school. However, with the establishment of the Philly PGA Junior Tour College Series in 2011 players are able to continue tournament play throughout the summer. Stay tournament tough and hone your game for your upcoming collegiate golf season by participating in this very affordable and professional run tournament series. Young men and women between the ages of 17 and 24 who are currently enrolled in post secondary education are eligible for these 1 and 2-day events that feature some of the best competition in the region.


Win an invitation to Augusta National Golf Club during Masters week. The drive, chip and putt championship is a relatively new national junior golf program. This free championship is open to boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 15. Participants compete in local and then regional qualifiers for a berth in the finals. Points are scored in three different categories of driving, chipping, and putting with the top point getters in each age division advancing to the next round. Have fun and enjoy the thrills of this great game!

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