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club fitting

A Titleist and Ping certified club fitter, John is proud to offer you and your friends truly the finest club fitting experience around. Using his numerous years of experience and knowledge gained from attending countless club fitting seminars and educational certifications, he will help you reach your true potential as a golfer with clubs custom fit just for you and your swing style.

Utilizing Trackman launch monitor technology, John will help you optimize your performance on the course with greater distance and precision accuracy that you never dreamed was possible. Whether you need to dial in your wedges, make your iron play more precise, or add more distance to your driver and fairway woods, our state-of-the-art Trackman launch monitor technology, and club fitting tools allow us to determine exactly what specifications are best for you.

Every golfer knows that the foundation of a truly great golf game is confidence in themselves and their game. Golfers cannot be 100% confident and hold a belief that they can play to their highest level without the reassurance and confidence that comes from being properly fitted for golf clubs. Regardless if we find that your current clubs only need a slight modification or if you are better off simply ordering a new custom fit set, I promise you will leave our club fitting session with a renewed confidence that you will soon unlock your true potential as a player.

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fitting options


Driver Fitting

Do you want to hit the ball straighter and farther than ever before? Maximize your overall driver performance today with improved distance and accuracy. Utilizing our Trackman launch monitor we will analyze your launch angle, spin rate, and attack angle and find the optimum fit for your swing speed and numbers.


Simply put, in my countless number of driver fittings over the years, there have been only a handful of times where more distance hasn't been achieved. This fitting experience determines the best driver model, proper driver head loft, correct shaft type & flex allowing you to achieve your greater distance and improved accuracy off the tee. If you know your driver swing speed, please refer to the driver distance chart above to see your true driving distance potential.


(Approximately 1 hour) $200


Long Game Fitting

This fitting will determine what long-game clubs are best for you. To truly play your best it is imperative to optimize your hybrid and fairway wood selection to ensure that the proper distance gapping exists. This fitting also promises to deliver on maximizing your distance from the fairway and making your long game shots easier.


Many times a golfer's swing speed doesn't allow them to maximize their distance from the fairway starting with a 3 wood. Sometimes the added loft of a 4 or even 5 wood allows them to achieve more carry distance while still achieving similar roll distances. Is this happening to you?

(Approximately 1 hour) $200


Iron Fitting

With the goal of hitting your approach shots closer to the pin, this fitting will optimize your set in seven key areas. By determining the proper club length, lie angle, shaft type, shaft flex, iron head style, grip size, and grip type we will have you hitting the ball more consistently in no time flat.


Whether you are a high or low handicapper you simply cannot play your best golf without a set of irons fit for you.











(Approximately 1 hour) $200


Wedge Fitting

Are you a digger or a sweeper? Don't know? Let's find out together. By determining the answer to this question we will fit you for the proper loft, bounce, and sole types that allow you to hit your short game shots closer to the flag. In this experience, we will determine which wedges are right for you.



By optimizing factors such as bounce angle, sole width, lie angle, club length, and loft we will help you gain needed confidence with all of your key scoring clubs. In this experience, we work together as often the course conditions you experience most often and shots types you are most comfortable with play a key role in determining your fit.


(Approximately 1 hour) $200


Putter Fitting

Did you know the reason that major golf manufacturers determined the standard length of a putter (35 inches) was so that the putter wouldn't fall down into the player's golf bag?


This is clearly not a good reason and you can only putt your best when your putter is fit for you. By determining your proper putter length and lie angle, we will have you making more putts than ever before.








(Approximately 30 minutes) $85

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