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group lessons & clinics

create your own clinic

Entertain and team build with your co-workers today!

Create Your Own Clinic gives you the student the opportunity to learn the game of golf in a comfortable group setting of your choice. You organize the participants (minimum of 3). You select the topic you would like to focus on (ex. chipping, iron play, etc.). You coordinate a convenient time. Gather your family, friends, or golfing buddies and contact John today!

Are you looking for a fun way to entertain your co-workers with a great team-building experience? Contact me today and we can schedule a fun evening at the club. Golf instruction, a fun contest, and a casual relaxing atmosphere, what more can you ask for?


Groups of 3 - $80 Per Participant
Groups of 4 - $70 Per Participant
Groups of 5 to 6 - $60 Per Participant


bring a friend option

Are you looking to get started in golf but don't know where or how to start? With my bring a friend option you and a friend can start learning to play or refine your skills and save money at the same time. Learning with a friend makes golf more enjoyable and I promise to ensure both of you get the most from your time.

Add $30 to your hourly lesson rate

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